Roger Federer can play for four-five years, says former coach

A Grand Slam title might have eluded Roger Federer for two years now but there is no way that the 33 year old can be written off as a spent force, according to his former coach Tony Roche.

Roche said that the Swiss Master can play as long as he wants, especially on the mental side, adding that physically, he will be good enough t play at the top level for another four or five years at the very least.

The Australian coach was also asked about the chance of Federer getting his hands on another Grand Slam title and Roche said that Wimbledon is the best chance that Federer has of winning another Grand Slam title, but he has been knocking on the door of other events for some time too.

He added that as long as the other players on the circuit have respect for Roger Federer, he will be alright and will be a threat.

Roche went on to add that Federer is the most talented player to have played tennis in its entire history and working with him was a different experience for him. He mentioned that he introduced the Swiss Maestro to practice harder and not only depend on talent. Roche mentioned that he also worked a lot on the former world number one’s serves and volleys and it has served him well over the years.

The Australian coach stated that he also has a secret of remaining injury free, adding that the way he hits the balls is a lot less physical than some of the other players and this has been the key to his longevity.

And he believes Roger Federer is good enough to secure the much awaited 18th Grand Slam title before he hangs up his racket and shoes in time.

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