Mauresmo Hoping To Prove Female Ability

Amelie Mauresmo is not looking to prove that females are capable of working in the world of males. She is just looking to help Murray manage to defend his Wimbledon Championship crown.

Mauresmo has recently been appointed as the head coach of Murray and since then, there have been a lot of discussions going on in the tennis world regarding that. Various sorts of reactions are coming from all quarters.

Many people believe that Mauresmo’s performance as Murray’s coach is going to be a reflection on whether the female coaches are good enough for the male players or not. But, the 34 year old Frenchwoman is not thinking that way at the moment.

Mauresmo was present in the stands while Murray was playing his first match in this year’s French Open which had led to the speculations that she might be in contention for becoming the Scot’s next coach, but, she denied that initially.

However, after her appointment got confirmed, she did admit that she was approached by Murray a while back and after discussing a bit with the 27 year old player, she decided to take the job.

Talking to the reporters yesterday, Mauresmo said, “Andy rang me up a couple of weeks back and asked me if I was willing to work with him. We had a slight discussion after which I opted to give him a nod.”

“When I retired, I had not thought that I would be a coach some day. It’s really exciting to be in this position.”

Mauresmo is believed to have great coaching skills. She had helped her compatriot Marion Bartoli last year before the Wimbledon Championships and the Frenchwoman went on to win that competition.

So, appointing her might prove to be a masterstroke for Murray.

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