Djokovic is a father

Ana Ivanovic is immensely happy to know that one of her old friends and no. 1 male tennis player in the world Novak Djokovic has become father.

Djokovic’s wife has recently given birth to a baby boy who has been named Stefan.

Stefan has proved to be a lucky charm for his father as the first tournament that Djokovic has played after his birth; he has won it and has won it hands down.
The 26-year old would want to finish the season with another title win in London.

Djokovic and Ivanovic belong to the same country i.e. Serbia and they have been friends for a very long time. They had learnt tennis together during their childhood days.

Their story is pretty inspirational actually. They had to face a lot of difficulties in learning the game when they were kids because of the war situation in their country, but, the way they have come through and have made their name in their respective categories, it’s just incredible.

Ivanovic came to know about the birth of Stefan a day later when she got up in the morning.

Speaking to the reporters, she said, “I got to know about it this am only. I want to convey my best wishes to the new born baby. I hope he remains in good health.”

“It must be thrilling for Novak. He is a close friend of mine and I am absolutely glad for him.”

Ivanovic cracked a joke as well there in that interview saying that Djokovic becoming father is scary for her.

The words of the Serbian player were, “I am sort of getting scared thinking about it to be honest. He is of the same age as me and he is a father now.”

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